I have designed this, "Alzheimer's Play Pillow" in Loving Memory of my Mom, who was a victim of the disease.  Because of the anxiety that goes along with, Alzheimer's Disease the "Play Pillow" gave her fingers something to Tug, Pull and Knot, as well as Pinch, Squeeze, Rub and Hug.

The, "Play Pillow" is made of soft fleece and is machine washable, delicate cycle.  The back of the sham has a Velcro closure, so a Standard size pillow can be inserted and removed.  

Items on the pillow: Waist tie belt, so the pillow remains within finger reach and doesn't fall onto the floor.  Large Zipper with Bead Pull, Pocket which will hold the Bear, Large Rings, so fingers can't get stuck inside them, Spiral Twist's, Beads and Ties 18" long, which can be pulled on and knotted, my Mom would knot them all together, I would cut them apart, so she could knot them again!

Fabric print and teddy bear may vary, print colors are all easy on the eyes. To see additional photos of the pillows, please click here.